The Lazare Herzi Podcast

The Lazare Herzi Podcast

This podcast deconstructs the mental processes of successful entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Concurrently, the narrator will start his own business to provide you with real-world examples of how to apply his guests' advice.

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    OCHO Candy: Scott Kucirek

    In this episode I chat with Scott Kucirek, a serial entrepreneur who took a company called ZipRealty public. He currently runs OCHO Candy, which sells delicious, organic chocolate bars. In this episode we cover...

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    Massage Side Hustle: Kristin Taravella

    Kristen is a solopreneur who created a thriving client base for her massage company out of thin air. In this episode we talk about...

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    Stackend Solutions: Connor Lake

    In this episode I chat with Connor Lake about Stackend Solutions, a company that makes customized dashboards and landing pages for small companies. In this episode we talk about...

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    TeenLink: Melissa Khasbagan

    In this interview, we discuss how Melissa's young age has influenced her entrepreneurial journey, and the factors that motivated her to start her own company

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    Seaside Lodging: Zia Rahman

    Zia Rahman is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several companies in the hospitality and technology industries.

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    CREAM: Gus Shamieh

    I talk with Gus Shamieh, the chairman of CREAM, about the company's inception and its explosive growth over the past few years.

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    IP Shark: Aaron McDaniel

    Aaron McDaniel is the professor of entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley. In this episode we talk about...